Words from My Clients

¨If you've been on the fence about whether or not to hire a doula, I would encourage you to do so. It takes away many fears associated with the birthing experience and replaces them with knowledge, experience, and compassion. Having a doula provides organization and stability during times of stress or uncertainty. Hiring a doula like Renee is an investment that pays itself back in dividends. I would highly recommend her to any of my friends, family, or expectant mothers.¨


My doula, Renee Dudley, made me feel SO much more in control and prepared during all the different stages. We had gone over multiple possibilities and what my wishes would be during them, so when I was super out of it, she was able to help remind me of what I had wanted. She wasn't able to answer for me, but she was able to explain what my original birth plan and preferences were to both me and my partner so that we could answer the doctor's questions and make choices accordingly. When labor took an unexpected turn the doctor told me what was wrong and what might happen. I was having a lot of trouble understanding, but Renee was able to explain it to me in a more patient and non-frenzied way. It was extremely reassuring to have her there for me and my partner during all the chaos. I can not imagine giving birth without her. I highly, suggest talking with a doula if you're pregnant or planning to be. The difference in my mental clarity and confidence was astronomical due to her.


"When my wife went into labor a month early, Renee came over immediately. She helped us labor through the night. We weren't expecting an early hospital birth, and when we got there Renee already knew some of the nurses. Through labor, pushing, and post-birth, she gave us a wealth of information and support to make the best decisions for our daughter. She recognized that the best support for the mother is the father, and she helped me give the best possible care to my wife. Without a doubt, I'd ask Renee to be our Doula again."


¨Renee was a life saver. I tell my husband over and over again, ¨if Renee wasn't there to help me through that, I don think I could've done it.¨ I'm so thankful I hired Renee as my doula and will be doing so again for future babies.¨


I felt at ease with Renee from our first prenatal meeting. She provided us with great education before the birth and continuous one on one support during my labor, which ended up being more than 24 hours. My husband and I think the world of her for her time , encouragement and expertise. She has even helped me process and debrief after the birth (which went quite differently than we anticipated) which was so helpful. We consider Renee to be a highlight of this birth experience, and are so thankful we hired her!