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Young Couple Expecting


Birth in America can be full of choices which can feel overwhelming or even daunting at times. Birth consultations give you time with a professional birth worker who can be a sounding board for many of these big decisions. During our meetings we will talk through your experience with birth, any fears/anxiety/excitement you're carrying with you, and what is most (or least!) important to you for your birth experience. We are available to discuss differences in care providers and birth options, make a plan for your birth preferences, offer information on hospital policies that may interfere with your choices, and make a list of things you may want to research more closely. We will cover options for postpartum choices made within the first 24 hours of your child's life and pinpoint pediatricians that best fit your parenting style. Birth consultations are a time to discuss what's important to *you* & to focus on all the expectations and hopes this season of life brings along with it.  

Maybe you aren't ready to hire a doula. Or perhaps you're seeking targeted information and help gathering resources. Birth consultations are offered in-person OR virtually $100 per hour,  and are a great way to start setting intentions for your birth experience. 

Contact us today to schedule!

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