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Birth Doula 

Those two pink lines appear and suddenly your world is changed. A door is opened and you begin to start finding your way through territory that may feel uncharted and unclear. As your birth doula, my goal is to walk that path alongside you and see you through to the other side as the knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate care you can depend on. From our initial consult, all the way through your pregnancy and birth, we work to support you and your wishes, helping you find your footing through this most significant journey.


As you attend appointments with your care provider you realize there is so much information they don't have time to discuss with you. You have so many questions but get nervous when your provider comes in the room and forget everything. Childbirth classes with Scruffy City Doula give you the opportunity to ask all of those questions in a relaxed and comfortable environment. We help expectant parents learn about, and prepare for labor and birth. During your 5 week childbirth education series we will discuss what you can except and how you can prepare your mind and body.


So, you're planning to become pregnant, or you just found out you are, congratulations! Now what? Where do you want to birth; hospital, hospital based birth center, or home? What kind of birth experience fits your needs? Which provider should you chose to fit the experience your looking for? With this package I will work with you and your partner to help answer these questions and the thousands of others that are bouncing around in your mind. Leaving your prenatal consultation you'll have a sense of confidence and peace moving forward with your pregnancy plan.

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