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Unbiased, compassionate care for your birth.

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Years of experience supporting birth and caring for people has taught us a few things.

Birth carries with it the power to transform. 

There's a reason people love to share birth stories. Positive or negative, the experience of bringing life to the world has the power to shake you to your very core. It's a day we remember. Maybe you're approaching your birth with excitement or possibly with some apprehension and fear. More than just a means to get a baby, birth is an opportunity for the laboring person and their partner to face those feelings, access strength, and leave feeling changed for the better. 

Birthing people deserve compassionate care. 

The details of this monumental day will fade over time. You might forget times, the name of your nurse, or exactly how long it was that you spent laboring in the shower. But what you will certainly carry with you forever is the remembrance of how you were cared for. It's our goal for every person to look back on the day they birthed and remember feeling supported, safe, and empowered. Having a doula can make the difference, and it's why we love what we do. 

Birth doula support is for everyone.

Maybe you're not sure if you'll want the epidural or not. Maybe you're planning a homebirth. Maybe your first birth experience didn't go as planned, and you want things to look different this time around. We believe that people birth best when it is on their own terms, and that they deserve the autonomy, respect, and informed support to do so. As your birth doulas, we come alongside you to support YOUR goals and give you the support you need to proceed into parenthood with confidence. 

Birth is a journey & you don't have to walk it alone.



  • Complimentary interview to get to know one another & discuss how our services can best benefit you 

  • Continuous care and on-call support from the moment of hire

  • Emotional support and informational expertise throughout your pregnancy and postpartum 

  • Evidence-based information to help you make the best decisions for you and your family

  • Three prenatal visits to discuss your birth plan and prep, as well as reinforce your many options and rights as a birthing person

  • Three digital classroom files including info-graphs, sample birth plans, relaxation support and so much more

  • Continuous hands-on support through your labor, birth, and immediate postpartum

  • A postpartum visit in the privacy of your home 

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