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Meet The Owners

Emily Shanks and Renee Dudley

We are the birth doulas behind Knoxville's premiere doula agency. We started practicing as private doulas, moved into a partnership, and now we are training and adding doulas to our team. Ours doula's prices are based on experience and each doula's price is listed in their bio. Find out more about us and our team members.

Renee Dudley

My name is Reneé Dudley and I have been a doula in the Knoxville area for 11 years. I have trained extensively to expand my view of what it means to be a doula and I am certifyed through Birth Arts International. I am a mom of three and my partner and I are both transplants to the area but can't imagine calling anywhere else home.


Birth is a transformative experience and I want to stand by you. I am humbled by the role families allow me to play and I work hard to support birthing people and their partners through this transition. As a doula I take my cues from my client. I see the birthing person, partner, baby, me, and medical professionals as a team working towards the goal of a physically and emotionally healthy family.

Emily Shanks

 My name is Emily Shanks and I´m a Knoxville, Tennessee native and mother of two. I first became interested in all things birth about 10 years ago during my college years. I graduated from Berea College in Berea, Kentucky with two degrees, one in Child and Family Studies with a concentration in Child Development, and the other in Women and Gender Studies.


I am a certifyed Birth Doula through Birth Arts International and have been a doula for 6 years. I believe all birthing people should know their choices and be in charge of their birthing experience. Education is key, the more options you are aware of, the more choices you have. I am passionate about helping families understand their options for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences; as well as educating families about these processes.

Partnership Model

How it works?

Renee and Emily work together in a partnership model, this means you have two doulas attending to your care! We will both meet with you for your prenatal appointments so that you have a working relationship with both parties. The doula who is on call when you go into labor will attend your birth.

Cost- $1,800

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