Hi, I'm Kayde.

In 2011, I found out I was pregnant with my first child, and so began the my most important journey of my life. Pregnancy as a first-time mom was such an exciting and new world for me, but was often one overshadowed with fear and uncertainty. After having my son, I knew immediately that birth would play an important role in my life. With my second pregnancy, I knew I wanted more. I immersed myself in the birth world and soaked up every ounce of knowledge I could get my hands on in hopes of readying myself for a different birth experience-- and of course, I hired a doula! 

While my first birth experience is certainly a day I will never forget, I left the birth of my son with a remarkably different outlook. I felt supported, heard, and most importantly, empowered. As a doula, my goal is to see every woman and family leave their birth and postpartum experience feeling the same way. 

Since supporting my first birth as a doula in 2014, I have worked and trained in a variety of settings. Now I'm bringing my 6 years of experience to care for birthing people in the Scruffy City. I am a certified Labor Doula and Postpartum and Infant Care Specialist with the industry's most reputable and professional organization. I am also a trained CNA and worked full-time in labor and delivery for almost 2 years. I draw from my vast and varied experiences to support your goals for birth and postpartum, whatever that looks like to YOU!

When I'm not supporting the women and families of Knoxville, I love spending time with my three kiddos and big ol fur baby. I enjoy all things outdoors and soaking up all that this wonderful nook of the world has to offer!


Hi, I'm Renee.

My name is Reneé Dudley and I have been a doula in the Knoxville area for 7 years. I have trained extensively to expand my view of what it means to be a doula and I am currently certifying with Birth Arts International.

Birth is a transformative experience and I want to stand by you. I am humbled by the role families allow me to play and I work hard to support mothers and their partners through this transition. As a doula I take my cues from mom and partner. I see mom, partner, baby, me, and the medical professionals as a team working towards the goal of a physically and emotionally healthy mom and baby.





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