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Is Your Provider Practicing Evidence Based Care?

Here are 12 questions you can ask to know if your provider is the right fit.

  1. Are you familiar with evidence based birth practices?

  2. Will I have access to pain management techniques other than pain medication? (birth balls, shower, squat bar, birth stool, tub, massage tools)

  3. Am I able to eat or will I be forced to fast?

  4. How often do you perform cervical checks?

  5. What are the routine procedures I should expect to be faced with in labor?

  6. Are you comfortable working with a Doula?

  7. What is your policy on continuous fetal monitoring during labor?

  8. How are decisions made during labor?

  9. Do you encourage a laboring woman to push in whatever position feels right to her?

  10. Do you encourage spontaneous pushing?

  11. What are your beliefs about childbirth?


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